One thing that is odd is that when you get a level of success and your life suddenly looks great, you can still feel crap.

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Holy cow where do I even start. Rat Queens is honestly one of those books that just leaves you speechless with not only how fantastic it is, but with how empowering it can be. How do I even begin to summarize it. Just imagine your typical Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons RPG and add some wicked dialogue, a great story and some of the best characters I have ever seen and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Rat Queens.

The art in this book is absolutely beautiful. Roc Upchurch outdoes himself in every single aspect of the word. He tosses aside the notion of traditional comic book women by creating them in different races, shapes and sizes. Which lets be honest its something that the the comic book industry desperately needs. 

Let’s talk about the Rat Queens themselves. Not only does each women focus on a class which you’ll find in almost every fantasy video game, but there’s a wide range of race, strong personality and body types in this book.  By the end of the first issue you’ll find yourself identifying with at least one of these wonderful (and yet often very vulgar) women if not all of them. 

The dialogue is another thing that I absolutely adore about this book. Not only is it sometimes gritty and vulgar but it’s often times god damn funny. Its one of these books that’s impossible to put down mostly because you just don’t want to. And when you’re done reading it you’ll probably just go back and re-read it again (I know I did). 

Everyone should get their hands on Rat Queens. Even if you don’t like comics read this book because I promise you’ll adore it as much as I did. It’s only 7 issues in, so there’s still time to catch up, AND the first trade (which consists of the first five issues) is only ten bucks! Did I mention it’s been picked up for a future Animated Series (BECAUSE IT SO TOTALLY WAS)

So get out there right now and read RAT QUEENS. Because you really don’t have any excuse not to.

Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.


I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife.


i like to imagine natasha dates all the ladies she tries to set steve up with first to make sure they’re okay. because fuck if she’s not going to do her due diligence. 

natasha dating all the ladies. natasha dating kristen from statistics who confides in her that she’s always had a crush on captain america. natasha dating lillian with the lip piercing from accounting who is cute and likes to grow succulents. 

steve liking another shield agent and wondering if he should ask her out maybe and natasha flying down from the rafters to tell him that she’s not in a place for real relationship right now and steve just “…..???? how do you know” and natasha evades the question by punching bad guys in the face

natasha dating sharon and accidentally liking her a lot but being a big goof and not really realizing it. sharon going on extremely platonic dates with steve and them being good friends and natasha taking it as a personal affront to her matchmaking skills which are flawless, thank you very much

and she finally confronts sharon about it and sharon’s like i’m not dating him because i’m dating you, dumbass. now come here and help me sharpen my knives.

and natasha’s just “:>” and does and they smooch forever the end

'I noticed  there was a butterfly during that seance
that was around for those two days [we filmed the scene] and
then it followed me around for the whole shoot, for all eight episodes. It was like my little guardian angel. It was very weird.
Everyone was laughing. It was like a 
Penny Dreadful
 butterfly. A spirit'. Eva Green.

Pietro is my brother. Whatever else he’s done in his life, that isn’t going to change”

"I have two sisters, Alex. One of them changed the world with a few words, I don’t think she…I just think Lorna needs me more right now.”